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  • What does the Chamber do to support my business?
    The Chamber works to support local businesses through local promotions, events, and social media to connect with the community. Based on the level of the membership of choice, there are additional features for each level that can enhance your community marketing.
  • How do I learn more about Memberships?
    We will be hosting membership drives from August - September for local businesses to learn about the steps taken to enhance this community's presence to help build a striving community for people to work, live, and play. We hope that you can all attend at least one of those sessions.
  • Why does the cost appear to be going up?
    If you recall, in previous years as new events popped up or new promotions, the Chamber would contact the member to request support. This took a considerable amount of time and energy while creating uncertainty across our members based on not knowing the level of costs associated with being on the Chamber throughout the year and uncertainty for the Chamber not knowing if they would fundraise enough money to support a specific event. This new approach provides you a one & done option that allows businesses to choose a Membership designed around the features the Members believe are important to their business at a discount ie trade shows, ad features and stories about their business, etc. Members still have the option to select an a-la-carte approach to their Membership if they choose, but will be priced at a standard rate. The new membership tier approach provides more predictability from both sides: The Business and the Chamber as the Chamber builds out programs for 2023-2024 meaning the more support and interest we receive from the members up front, the more we can plan more advantageous events to promote your business and the community locally. In addition, any business that provides a member to participate on the Board of Directors and the Member is elected to the Board of Directors, will automatically move up a tier ie if a Business is interested in a Platinum Tier, they will receive their membership at the Gold Member Price. Elections for Board of Directors will take place September 27, 2023. The business will be notified and if the member is elected will be reimbursed the difference between tiers.
  • What's Different Between 2022/2023 and 2023/2024?
    The Board of Directors. All kidding aside, the Le Sueur Chamber of Commerce is highly dedicated to this community. Your Board of Directors come from different backgrounds including large corporations, local businesses, other non-profit volunteer organizations and community support, and/or building, owning and operating a small business. The Board has a multitude of skillsets that understand business challenges both big and small to help businesses navigate those challenges whether through advertising, fundraising, or other areas of focus for a business. We have additional options a business can now pay for their membership. A business can pay for their membership by writing a check (no fee) or paying by credit card through (incurs a 3.0% convenience fee that is applied to payment). Membership Tiers are new and allows for the option of identifying what is important to the business and choosing a Membership that fits the business as a one-time payment vs. multiple payments throughout the year. Beginning the 2023-2024 Year, The Chamber will develop a Business Directory mailed out to all households in the Le-Sueur/Henderson geographic areas. All Members will be eligible to be marketed through this directory, and based on the Membership, members can receive a 2x2 ad to a full page ad. Members have a voice and can be part of the Change. We are looking for people to be part of committees that will assist in building new events to support our local community. We will also be hosting multiple membership drives to present on all of the changes and to answer everyone's questions about what a membership looks like.
  • May I Pay with a Credit Card?
    Yes, you may pay the membership with a Credit Card. There will be a 3.0% convenience fee that is associated with the payment as the carrier charges these fees to the Chamber. Please note that there is no fee to write a check and submit via mail or pickup.
  • How Long is My Membership Good For?
    The 2023-2024 season runs from October 1, 2023 through September 30, 2024.
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